About Us

Our family run business has something to offer everyone. From mechanics to plumbers, electricians and builders to creative genius’s looking to redecorate or craft, for the fit people and the healthy people, we have the perfect products for you at the best possible prices. We would never forget about the fit people and healthy people… we try hard to fall into this category on a daily basis.
We have been in business since 1998, which is a really long time! We realised the need for an online platform as a way to expand our market which led to TradeShelf online.
Rowan build our easy-to-use website with his extensive coding knowledge and business background. Kirsten and the sales team select products for our store and ensure the competitive pricing. Our suppliers are reliable and efficient, which in turn helps us to deliver great service to you.
At TradeShelf, we put our customers first and we hope that shopping with us is an easy and convenient experience.
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We are so grateful for the support of our customers, you guys are awesome!

Hope to see you online again soon.
Kirsten (Kirst) and Rowan (Ro)
Kirsten and Rowan (aka: Kirst & Ro)