About Us

Our company was founded in 1998 out of a passion to deliver a wide variety of goods and services to a range of different people. After many years with many satisfied customers, we realised the need for a convenient and simple experience in an online platform. This motivated our move into the digital era, through the birth of our TradeShelf online retail store.

When designing TradeShelf we wanted our website to be easy to use and clearly laid-out. We wanted to reflect not only the department shelves in a store but convey the shelves in our homes, businesses and the outdoor environment. We are a family run business and as the TradeShelf team, we are crazy about DIY and are all very capable of using the tools and products on our website with much enthusiasm.

Whether you are a budding inventor looking for equipment and materials for your next big invention; a full-time mechanic, plumber, builder slogging away all day; or a stay at home mom looking to redecorate or craft, we have the perfect products for you, at the best possible prices.

Here at TradeShelf, we put our customers first and we hope that your shopping with us, is a fun and memorable experience.


- TradeShelf Team